Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Literacy Learning Term 3 weeks 6-10

We are learning to interpret figurative language in poems we read.

We are learning to use figurative language in poems we write.

Check out the Kids Connect website to learn about what figurative language is.

Read this poem by a New Zealand writer, Greg O'Connell. Can you find some metaphors in his poems?

Yesterday today

My thoughts were grey
The clouds were grey
The sky was grey
My heart was grey
The whole day was grey

My thoughts are gold coins
The clouds are white sails
The sky is a deep blue sea
My heart is a pirate with a redgreen parrot
The whole day is treasure chest.

Author's often write a poem to get a special message across. Read this poem by Todd-Michael St. Pierre who lives in America.

What do you think his special message is to children?

You speak for the lakes, the trees and the birds
You say what they'd say if they had the words.

Make PEACE and be proud, choose well every choice
Speak HOPE and speak loud, you are Nature's voice.

Speak with respect now, for jungles and streams
Speak for all wildlife and dream giant dreams

Speak with great courage, speak up and speak out
Write with a whisper or write with a shout.

Stand up young poets for clean air and river
Free verse or lyric; your message delivers.

Truth for the future citizens of earth
Speak of your freedom your friends and self worth.

Speak for tomorrow and though you're still young
Speak for the Forest, your pen is her tongue.

The world waits to hear your songs still unsung
Words posses power, you can write the wrongs

Teach us and lead us with Poems and with songs
Speak now for nature, for trees and for birds.

Defenders of Earth choose careful your words!

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